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coffee with rain

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I will protect you from pain (by *Nishe)


 The song “Les Marionnettes” performed by Zbigniew Preisner

It is dauntingly beautiful.

This song was used in the marionettes scene from La double vie de Veronique”.


The Cellist (1909). Amedeo Modigliani (Italian, Expressionism, 1884-1920). Oil on canvas.
Artist Kurt Stoermer admired the painting’s “extremely subtle technique,” which, through an artistic differentiation of colours, allowed the musician to merge into his instrument and showed him in a curious state of reverie. “Later”, Stoermer continued, “I saw in [Modigliani’s] subsequent works that the strongly emotional style of The Cellist represented a stage in his development that he soon left behind him. He hated feelings.”

Alice Renavand in William Forsythe’s “In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated,” at the Paris Opera Ballet, 2012. Photograph by Anne Deniau, Opéra de Paris.
“In the Middle” perfectly captures the intimate, prickly, ambiguous relationships of dancers who grow up together but must never forget that their friends are also their rivals. When performed by other companies, this wary surveillance, the bravado that masks fear, is often enacted as a vaguely sulky aggressiveness. But when Alice Renavand and Aurélia Bellet eyed each other warily, it was immediately clear what was at stake: center stage.

Amedeo Modigliani - Portrait of Margarita (1916)
work place with coffee and notepad By cananAvailable to license exclusively at Stocksy

émile zola, denise, 1892  (d)

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Andrea Amati - “The King” , circa 1538 AD

the oldest existing Cello 

Instituto Bella Artes Cuba 1963
Photo: Rene Burri 

Woman in a room / Choreography and Sets by Carolyn Carlson 
 Mariinsky Theatre 
Diana Vishneva
Nikolay Krusser - THEATRE of PHOTOGRAPHY